SUNBELT GOTHIC, the collection of the chronological first half of my published stories, is here at last!



 The Sunbelt Gothic is the modern south, not the Southern Gothic of literary tradition; nevertheless, roots are long.  Life is hard, and people are too busy surviving to be bored.  A legendary blues artist remembers his great days, a family meets random violence speeding the wrong way down the highway, Hank Williams sings at the Louisiana Hayride, the factory shuts down and ships the jobs to Bangladesh, moonshine stills convert to meth labs, a woman understands how a long-forgotten meeting shifted the path of her life, a nurse has flashbacks to Vietnam, a flowerchild and her so-different daughter - and other characters fill these compact stories about life as it is lived.  There is a side trip to the Old West, when a warrior must meet powerful Easterners who want the man who killed Custer.  And a ghost story.  And a vampire...or was it premature burial?  The non-fictions are brief meditations on the Anasazi, a Greek bronze, Truman Capote, and sights you might see from a balcony in the French Quarter.


I am selling autographed trade paperbacks, for $15 plus shipping and handling.  As I am not set up to take credit cards, please contact me through my website on the contact page or at  Or write me at:  783 Mill Creek Rd., Hot Springs AR 71901.


Electronic versions are for sale for $2.99 at Kindle Store.




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