CACTUS COUNTRY, edited by distinguished Western writer Dusty Richards, contains stories, poems, and articles by  Max McCoy, Brett Cogburn, Johnny Boggs,John T.Biggs, Doyle Suit, John Duncklee, Dusty himself, and - how did I get in with this herd of Spur winners? - me.  It can be ordered through cactuscountrypublishing.blogspot or

2005 - "These Days"

2006 - "Lovesick Blues"

2007 - "Behind Closed Doors"

Spring 2010 - "The Edge of the Earth"

Off Season 2011 - "Way It Goes"

Green 2010 - "When the Birds Stopped Singing

From Blue Cubicle Press:

Workers Write! Tales from the Capitol - "The Horse He Rode In On"


"Things Happen That Way"


2004 - "Surveillance by the Book"

2006 - "Children in the Quarter"

2009 - "The Waiting Room"

July 2010 - "Kelton House"

January 2011 - "News Story"

July 2011 - "In Passing"

August 2011 - "A Reflection of Reality"


Enriched Prose: "Kelton House", "Brothers", "French Quarter Night", "Seize the Day", "Mardi Gras", "Love or Something Like It", "Restorations", "Summer Evening"

Prominent Pen: "In Passing," "A Reflection of Reality"

Spring-Summer 2005 - "The Man Who Killed Custer"

Other Anthology Publications:

Timber Creek Review

Summer 2007, Summer 2008


Fall-Winter 2005

Spring-Summer 2008

The Long Story

No. 25


On the Clock" Contemporary Short Stories of Work

Palo Alto Review

Under Hwy 99


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