The Storyteller Magazine

April-May-June 2005 - "One Flesh"

January-February-March 2006 - "The Best Summer" (non-fiction)

October-November-December 2008 - "Tet"

April-May-June 2011 - "Glamour Girls" (non-fiction)

October-November-December 2011 - "Bystanders"

My story, "Tracks in the Snow", is featured in the Latest Online Publication of CC&D.  Left: Click 'cc&d mag/Right: Click 'issues' to view the February 2012 cover/Click on the cover to view the internet version

"Tracks in the Snow" is quite a departure for me.   The idea came to me in a writing exercise.  When I decided to do something with it, I pulled out my collected Poe and read the stories again to prime the pump.  No one can scare you elegantly as Poe.  I showed the manuscript to Mama and Daddy.  They gagged when they got to the part about the brains - Did we give birth to this? - but they kept reading.


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